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Embedded Voice Recognition

Wake-up, command and control your smartphone, tablet, smartTV, robot or application with "SFX" voice recognition software.

SFX powers smart devices

SpeechFX provides tools for doing speech recognition: VoiceIn SDKs are based on SFX's proprietary neural network technology, which provides accurate speech recognition even in noisy environments.


The speaker-independent voice recognition engine performs three main activities: audio collection, speech detection and analysis, and phoneme and word recognition.

Raw data is collected from an input source, such as a microphone, and sent to audio processing. From here "framed" output contains the audio data necessary for speech recognition. In the next step, frequency components are extracted and sent to the neural networks, where phoneme probability estimates are calculated.


Neural networks are a key component of SpeechFX recognition technology.


The continuous word decoder compares the phoneme probabilities against a language dictionary, then returns the highest word probabilities. Voice recognition is the result.

SFX Embedded Recognition SDKs:

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