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VoiceIn SDK

The VoiceIn Standard Edition SDK enables developers to quickly and easily create speech interfaces for embedded processors, products and/or applications.


SDK Features:

• Multiple platforms: Runs on numerous platforms and operating systems from small embedded to large server   systems.

• Neural network technology: Provides accurate speaker-independent speech recognition, even in noisy environments.

• Efficient memory and CPU usage: Operates within memory and MIPs constraints or runs many concurrent channels on a server

   system. See the product specification sheet for details.

• Multiple languages: Is available in U.S. and U.K. English, Canadian and European French, German, Japanese, Korean, Castilian

   and Latin American Spanish, Swedish and Italian.

• Phonetic component: Aligns word phonetics with audio data, enabling animators to synchronize a character's facial

   movements with the phonetic components of speech. Realistic facial movements are the result as animated characters "speak."


SDK Benefits:

• Speaker independent: No training required to recognize speech.

• Accurate speech recognition: No training required to recognize speech in different and/or noisy environments. SpeechFX ASR

   performs well with background speech and music.

• Natural speech: Accurately recognize continuous speech, enabling users to speak naturally without pauses in command-and-

   control applications.

• Improved return on investment (ROI): Is low-cost and easy-to-implement, enabling manufacturers to get their products to market

   much quicker.



VoiceIn Spec Sheet

VoiceIn SDK Demo

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