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VoiceMaster 2.0 soon to be available.


New features include:


 • Improved HD animations, more file formats – WebM, OGV, MP4, FLV,

    etc. Up to 2200 x 2800 resolution

 • New step-through animations; clear and consistent, multiple file

    formats available (.jpg standard)

 • Improved pronunciation scoring—voice recognition includes

    children’s data for improved scoring

 • Utilizes text-to-speech

 • Includes SFX patent-pending voice recognition and easy user input

     to improve pronunciation and reduce accents


What is VoiceMaster?


VoiceMaster™ is a next generation language learning tool for developers to powerfully enhance their language learning, and pronunciation improvement apps. VoiceMaster is executed by SpeechFX voice recognition software, the patented Neural Net, dynamic voice recognition software. Say the word, phrase or sentence that you desire to pronounce correctly, and VoiceMaster will quickly and efficiently respond with the steps to help you improve and correct that pronunciation.

Colored air bursts show if the sound is voiced or unvoiced

Example of how a developer could implement VoiceMaster

VoiceMaster Versions


VoiceMaster comes in two flavors: VoiceMaster SDK (for developers), and VoiceMaster StandAlone (for end users).


          •The VoiceMaster SDK is designed to help developers improve their language learning applications, by

            providing illustrative animations, graphics, videos, and SFX Voice Recognition to help the user improve.


         •The VoiceMaster StandAlone version is a Windows application that is designed to help end users work on

           pronunciation and accent reduction.



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